Why Every Business Needs a Bookkeeper



Are you still doing your own quarterly tax reports and payroll? Bookkeeper Martha Avens joins host Carrie Perrien Smith on Business: Engaged! to talk about why and how to find the right professionals to handle your bookkeeping and payroll requirements.

One of the first services a business needs to outsource is bookkeeping and payroll. Government reporting requirements are becoming more challenging every year. Not having a knowledgeable person on board to handle the details can cost you money and productivity. And chances are you can make ten times more doing what you do best than you would pay a bookkeeper to handle your accounting and payroll tasks.On this episode of Business: Engaged!, we talk with Martha Avens of Avens Rose Bookkeeping about year-end reporting requirements, how and why to outsource your bookkeeping, and how to hire a full-time person when it is time to bring the bookkeeping function in-house.

In the product and service spotlight, we feature Justin Mills of Farmers Insurance. He’ll talk about commercial insurance and how to make sure your business has the proper coverage.

And could networking just over six hours a week generate 47 percent of your business? Research says yes, but who has the time? I’ll define the different types of networking activities. I’ll also explain how to determine which ones you should devote your precious networking time to.

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 Episode 33

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