What Obamacare Means for Small Businesses

corry hull

Obamacare is changing how insurance providers and the healthcare industry do business. Employee benefits consultant Corry Hull joins host Carrie Perrien Smith on Business: Engaged! to talk about how these healthcare changes will affect small businesses.

All Americans are facing changes set into motion by the Patient Protection/Affordable Healthcare Act. It is changing how insurance providers and the healthcare industry do business.  On this episode of Business: Engaged!, we talk with employee benefits consultant Corry Hull about how these sweeping healthcare changes will affect small businesses.

Click here to learn more about Corry’s company, Legacy Capital Group.

Corry also mentions www.healthcare.gov as a resource for information about the changes.

In the product and service spotlight, we feature my company, Soar with Eagles. We book speakers, trainers, and consultants for meetings, retreats, and conferences. I talk about why you should consider customized training solutions for your team’s professional development.

And perhaps you noticed your paycheck shrunk in the last two weeks. With all that government spending that has taken place in recent years, it is time to start reducing that deficit. That means higher taxes. I will share some expense-saving ideas so you can run your business and household leaner.

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