Taking Control of Your Debt


JoAnneh Nagler, the author of The Debt-Free Spending Plan joins us on this episode of Business: Engaged! to talk about how to take control of our debt.

Credit is often the lifeblood for businesses so most carry some debt. Some get loans and most use credit cards. But one thing that the economic struggles of the last two years have taught us is that too much debt paired with an economic downturn can mean the end for a business. The same thing can happen in our personal lives too. On this episode of Business: Engaged!, we talk with JoAnneh Nagler the author of The Debt-Free Spending Plan to share her insights about how to take charge of debt and move toward living a debt-free life.

To learn more about JoAnneh Nagler and her book, visit her website at www.debtfreespendingplan.com.

In my product and service spotlight, I feature Heather Pile of Inspired Grace Events. She’ll talk about how companies benefit by using event planners for their company events. Today’s event planner isn’t just for weddings.

I had a database failure with the Business: Engaged! website and lost six months of my show descriptions, which I now have to rebuild.  You might be saying, “Just restore it from your backup.” That is a great idea and I thought I had a backup — until I realized I didn’t. I’ll tell you how that happened and what I learned so you can protect your valuable data.

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Episode 32

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