Sponsor the Show

gold-coinsWe seek sponsors who want to reach our audience. Business: Engaged! has a national audience with an audience of over 5,000 listeners. A sponsor who would benefit from sponsorship is a company that has a national presence or is set up to do business by phone or internet.

We can assemble a custom package that can include these features:

  • Promotional mentions to our Facebook and Twitter following with links to your website
  • Advertising on the websites
  • Advertising on our weekly e-zine
  • Advertising on the sponsored episodes
  • Articles about your products or services on our website (mentioned in our weekly e-mail)
  • Mentions on the radio show three times per episode
  • Radio show interviews
  • Product or service segment sponsorship where your company is featured in the segment

The internet delivers more exposure for your sponsorship dollar. Our show episodes are available for download long after the show is aired. We strive to create search-engine-attractive marketing copy for each episode that attracts internet traffic. Plus your ads will generate traceable traffic back to your website. That is evidence that your advertising investment is generating interest.

Pay special attention to the advertising features that are connected to specific episodes. Since these episodes are available for download long-term, you will get exposure every time someone visits the Business: Engaged! episode page you sponsored and listens. Our topics address evergreen, real-life issues that your established business owners search for. That means that advertising that is attached to specific episodes will have real staying power. That translates to real value for your advertising dollar.

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