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Carrie Perrien SmithBusiness: Engaged! is your portal to behind-the-scenes stories of success and confessions of failure. Carrie Perrien Smith MBA talks with leaders in the world of small business about how they conquered their kingdoms — what worked and what didn’t. From marketing and advertising to operations and human resources, you’ll hear techniques and solutions that you can apply to your business now. She’ll delve into business models, financial pitfalls, and best practices. Join her as she explores unique and proven solutions to the challenges today’s enterprises encounter. Candid and relevant but informal, you’ll bookmark this show for must-hear business radio.

Carrie is a training, communication, and publishing industry veteran. She ran screaming from her corporate training and communications career over a decade ago. Even though she sometimes misses regular paychecks, a cubicle with office supplies she didn’t have to purchase, and normal working hours, she wouldn’t trade the entrepreneur’s kill-what-you-eat lifestyle (most days, at least).

Today, this third-generation entrepreneur runs a professional speaker bureau and a publishing company that serves clients internationally. She books professional speakers, trainers, and consultants for company meetings and conferences. She also works with business leaders who want to brand themselves as experts in their industry and build a speaking and consulting business.

Business owners trust Carrie because she’s one of them. She’s the first one in line to mentor them, challenge their ideas, and cheer them on. She supports causes that pave the way for business owners because they are the foundation and the future of our economy. She also served as a volunteer counselor for SCORE (Counselors to America’s Small Business) for six years. This year, she’ll run for city council because she believes that a thriving small business community deserves representation at the city leadership level.

Her most recent book is called Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy. Learn more about Carrie and her company, Soar with Eagles at www.soarhigher.com.

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