Repurposing Your Career to Create a New Business Model


Retired astronaut Bill Pogue shares insights he gained in creating a career as a consultant and author after his military and space career on this episode of Business: Engaged!

Most of my episodes are designed for business owners with at least ten years of business ownership experience under their belt. The topic of this episode is about repurposing what you do to turn it into a new product or service. In this case though, we use the military and space exploration career of Skylab 4 astronaut Bill Pogue to demonstrate the process.

After a 25-year Air Force career that included being a Thunderbird pilot, an assistant professor of the mathematics department at the Air Force Academy, and an astronaut, he left the military to launch a civilian career. He’s spent the next 33 years consulting, speaking to audiences, and creating books and other educational products that build on his space flight experience.

We learn how his consulting projects came about and we discuss how his book projects differ today from the earlier ones.You can visit Bill Pogue’s website to learn more about him. You can also visit an online bookseller like to purchase his latest book, But for the Grace of God: an Autobiography of an Aviator and and Astronaut or one of his earlier books.

Check in also for the fourth update on my city council campaign in Rogers, Arkansas. This week’s update is about my increased need to differentiate myself from the other candidates as the race gets more crowded. Another woman has filed to run for the same position I am which could confuse voters. The same process I’m using can be used in any business. Let’s take this journey together and learn how to differentiate yourself in elections and in business. To keep up with my campaign, you can visit my blog at

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