Recruiting and Hiring the Right People


Jan McCormick of Job Lingo joins Carrie on Business: Engaged! Jan shares insider secrets of the recruiting process. Lots of great tips for both recruiters and job searchers.

If you’ve hired anyone — or heaven forbid looked for a job yourself — in the last few years, you know the recruiting game has changed. On this episode of Business: Engaged!, Jan McCormick Ed D of Job Lingo talks about how and why we make our recruiting decisions. There are plenty of tips in this episode for hiring managers and job searchers alike. She even talks about hiring people who have a few dings on their record that are looking for a second chance.

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I’ve included the second update on my city council campaign in Rogers, Arkansas. The campaign team has just started meeting face to face and now we’ll travel the path to Election Day together. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with a brand new team. I forgot how the natural process of team development takes place. Repeat after me: forming, storming, norming, and if we survive it, performing. I explain the process in this episode. To keep up with my campaign, you can visit my blog at http://

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