Why Co-Working Has Transformed How Entrepreneurs Start Up


The internet and technology advances have changed the way we start up our businesses. It has changed where and how we work and how we connect to others. In this episode of Business: Engaged!, we talk about the concept of co-working. Never heard of it? I bet you’ve wished for it. Entrepreneurship advocate Josh Clemence …

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Valuation for Privately Owned Businesses


Business valuation isn’t just used when selling your business. It can serve as a periodic checkup. You’ll see the process used to estimate the value of a partners’ ownership and in retirement planning. It is necessary in disputes related to estate value and divorce litigation. This show explores the topic and includes important information such …

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Mining for Networking Gold

Cover of Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relaionship Economy

Lifelong business relationships don’t happen with just one encounter. They are forged over a series of meaningful conversations. Networking is a great tool for prospecting but the real gold is found in networking conversations. Carrie Perrien Smith wrote a book on the topic: Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy. In this show, she shares secrets …

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The Power of Conversation

Willie Johnson

Only 7% of our message is communicated through words. In a digital world that is dominated by text-only communication, it’s time to re-engage face to face. That one-on-one conversation is where relationships are forged and we get the total communication picture. We welcome performance and training consultant Willie Johnson, the “Ambassador of Potentiality,” to the …

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Success Secrets from a Kitchen-Table CEO

Kim Hodous

Join us to learn the secret to balancing a growing family with a growing business and hiring the right people. As a former high school history teacher, Kim Hodous, the founder and CEO of Rockwood Jewelry, had zero business experience. But from her kitchen table, she built a seven-figure business in less than seven years.Her …

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