Tapping the Business Uses of LinkedIn

Michael Phelps

You probably have a LinkedIn profile but you might know how powerful it is as a business tool. On this episode of Business: Engaged! we talk with Michael Phelps of In-Direct Information. He’s an expert on using LinkedIn to its fullest capacity for prospecting, relationship building, and job searching. We also feature Courthouse Concepts on …

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Best Networking Tips for Business Owners

Carrie Perrien Smith 2LR

What is your favorite networking tip? I went on location to my favorite networking group and asked that question. Check in with Business: Engaged! to hear what they had to say. We also highlight Legal Shield’s business plan on our product and service spotlight. They have two levels of business plans that you’ll find useful. …

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Issues Surrounding Selling on the Internet


One of the great, still largely unexplored frontiers for traditional local businesses is the internet. How do we sell what we do to a wider market? In this episode of Business: Engaged!, we welcome back Josh Clemence of Acumen Brands. We talk about where some of their web properties got their start and what makes …

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Valuation for Privately Owned Businesses


Business valuation isn’t just used when selling your business. It can serve as a periodic checkup. You’ll see the process used to estimate the value of a partners’ ownership and in retirement planning. It is necessary in disputes related to estate value and divorce litigation. This show explores the topic and includes important information such …

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Network Marketing: Should It Be Part of Your 21st-Century Business Model?


It is what Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad calls the business of the 21st century. You might be familiar with brands like Amway, Mary Kay, and Tupperware. But what do you know about the changes in the industry that were made possible by the Internet and social media? This isn’t your grandma’s …

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Marketing Moxie for Small Business Owners


It seems like almost every problem with a small business owner’s bottom line can be tied to the ability to market the company’s products and services. But how do we choose which tools to use? The Internet has brought us so many new marketing tools. Instead of empowering and equipping us, we often find ourselves …

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Redefining Your Business Model to Create a Niche Business


  After a 40-year career as a hairdresser, salon owner, and educator, Sara Lou Manning signed the lease for a new business and up for Social Security on the same day. She sold her salon several years earlier but maintained a number of clients while she followed her passion for helping people with hair loss. …

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Repurposing Your Career to Create a New Business Model


Most of my episodes are designed for business owners with at least ten years of business ownership experience under their belt. The topic of this episode is about repurposing what you do to turn it into a new product or service. In this case though, we use the military and space exploration career of Skylab …

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Preventing and Addressing Workplace Injuries


No workplace is immune to the potential of an employee injury. On this episode of Business: Engaged!, I talk with Steve Joseph LPT of Maximum Performance Spine Sports and Physical Therapy about preventing and addressing workplace injuries. As a licensed physical therapist, he has helped all kinds of patients whether they were injured at home, …

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Recruiting and Hiring the Right People


If you’ve hired anyone — or heaven forbid looked for a job yourself — in the last few years, you know the recruiting game has changed. On this episode of Business: Engaged!, Jan McCormick Ed D of Job Lingo talks about how and why we make our recruiting decisions. There are plenty of tips in …

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