Knowing When to Jump: Understanding the Timing of Opening, Closing, and Marketing Your Business


Timing is everything. On this episode of Business: Engaged!, retired business owner Wayne Simpson talks about watching for signs that it is time to make business changes.

You know those times that you wish you had your camera because you would have taken a picture of a moment that might never happen again? I feel the same way about recording interviews. Thanks to technology, I can always whip out my smartphone and take a photo or record an interview.

This week’s show is about understanding the decisions you must make about the lifespan of your business. And being an entrepreneur in the technology age means that advances can affect your business — for better or worse.

My dad, Wayne Simpson, is my guest on this episode of Business: Engaged! He owned a computer service company when home computers were fictional creatures. He rode the wave from the height of the mainframe age to the personal computer revolution. It’s a kitchen-table conversation about how he knew when to make the jump from his full-time job to self-employment and the decision to close his business. Plus, we talk about marketing then and now.

And because technology has advanced the marketing options available, we dig into that topic as well. Then, just like today, the referral is the best and least-expensive way to market your business.

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