Creating Stronger Teams


Strong, productive teams are diverse. Management consultant Scott Huse joins host Carrie Perrien Smith on Business: Engaged! to talk about understanding and utilizing each team member’s personality, skills, and talents to bring out the best in them.

We want the best people we can get on our teams. But even the best people in the wrong roles can’t do their best work for the organization. It all comes down to understanding and utilizing people’s personalities, skills, and talents. And the best teams make sure they have a variety of people on that team.

On this episode of Business: Engaged!, we talk with management consultant Scott Huse about how leaders can utilize those differences to create a stronger team.
In the product and service spotlight, we feature Jeremy Turley of The Payroll Company. He’ll talk about the benefits of outsourcing payroll and how inexpensive it can be.

And I’ll talk about your work neighborhood — the other owners and managers in the commercial district where your business operates. It’s a prime networking and peer relationship opportunity that most of us probably leave on the table.

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 Episode 34

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