Improve Your Life by Changing Habits and Setting Goals

Carrie Perrien Smith

Carrie Perrien Smith, author of Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy talks about improving your life on this episode of Business: Engaged. She gives her formula for breaking old habits and setting goals that will set you up for a year of success.

Smart business owners periodically assess their progress toward their goals. Most of us set some goals or at least make some New Year’s resolutions to break a habit or improve our life. On this episode of Business: Engaged!, I provide a formula for analyzing the discomfort in our life and creating an action plan that results in permanent change. I also give tips for setting goals that ensure success.

I talk about the Goal Worksheet on this episode. Click here to download it.

In my product and service spotlight, I feature Jerry Bolander of American National Insurance. He’ll talk about what umbrella policies are and who needs them.

The U. S. Small Business Administration periodically re-evaluates the size and scope of entity they deem to be a small business. I’ll also share the latest and greatest definition.

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Episode 31

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