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Is It Time for a Virtual Assistant?


It is time you retained a virtual assistant? Virtual assistance industry expert Denise Griffitts joins host Carrie Perrien Smith on Business: Engaged! She’ll talk about how VAs assist clients and even share insights for aspiring VAs.

Sometimes a business owner needs a little help but can’t justify the expense of an extra employee. Other times, he might need some specialized help that he can’t get locally. Today, many business owners are turning to the services of a virtual assistant. And as the industry is evolving, VAs who offer more extensive services are becoming known as online business managers or OBMs.In this episode of Business: Engaged!, we talk with Denise Griffitts. She is a nationally recognized virtual assistance industry expert, online business manager (OBM), thought leader, coach and mentor. She is the founder and CEO of Your Office On The Web and Your Virtual Assistant. She’ll talk about what a virtual assistant can do for you and how to find one. She’ll even share insights for those who might want to become virtual assistants.

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And who hasn’t burned a bag of microwave popcorn at the office? I exploded a bag in our microwave, and what I was left with was a smelly, yellow microwave. I’ll share how I got rid of the smell.

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