Building Wealth: How Smart Business Owners Do It


Are you passing up your best wealth-building tool? Chris Hurn, cofounder and CEO of Mercantile Capital Corporation joins host Carrie Perrien Smith on Business: Engaged! He’ll talk about when and why it makes sense to purchase commercial property.

Cash flow is king when it comes to small business financial success. Most business owners perceive they cannot afford to own the building where they operate. Others don’t want to tie up their cash with a big mortgage payment. But with property values and interest rates at historic lows, this might be the wealth-building opportunity of a lifetime.

In this episode of Business: Engaged!, we talk with Chris Hurn. He is the co-founder and CEO of Mercantile Capital Corporation, a nationwide, commercial lending firm that specializes in SBA 504 loans for business owners who want to own their commercial property.  In his new book, The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Creating Wealth: How the Smartest Business Owners Build Their Fortunes, he reveals how the smartest business owners build their fortunes.

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And Carrie is going to talk about one of the best ways for your employees to build leadership experience so they can advance. Volunteering can provide an opportunity to build leadership, communication, project management, and teamwork skills, all while helping the community. She’ll give tips for helping employees connect to important opportunities.

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